The Plant Genome Integrative Explorer is a collection of interoperable web resources for searching, visualizing and analyzing genomics and transcriptomics data for different plant species. Currently, it includes dedicated web portals for enabling in-depth exploration of poplar, Norway spruce, Arabidopsis, and few other plant species. The PlantGenIE platform is based on the GenIE System.


Seiðr is a toolkit to create crowd networks. Seiðr provides fast implementations of several highly regarded algorithms as well as utility programs to create and explore crowd networks.

Boreal Rhizospheric Atlas

The Boreal Rhizospheric Atlas online tool was created to encourage exploration of a metatranscriptomic dataset of Norway spruce fine roots and their associated fungal communities from nutrient limited and nutrient enriched forest plots of the boreal region of Northern Sweden.


Tool Archive

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